Social Media Impact November 2018


Social Media Impact:

The Clinton Global Initiative University event spanned from October 19 to October 21, where students, university representatives, topic experts and celebrities met to discuss and develop innovate solutions to pressing global challenges. Tracking change in social media accounts was done to gain a sense of what has social media impact took place after the event. Through the exploration of different social media platforms we were able to track the growth of our social media audience.

Meaningfull Meal’s Facebook page experienced tremendous growth after the CGI University  event. Between October 17 and October 23 the number of people who have liked the page increased by 13,400%. Post engagements, which count the number of time Facebook users have interacted with posts through likes, comments, and shares, have increased by one hundred percent, and page views are up 9,667% from before the event occured. Reach has increased as well, this is the number of people who have had our posts on their newsfeeds, or have seen it displayed it in other places within Facebook. Reach is up 39,150%, which reflects the vast scope of places the mission of Meaningfull Meals has been able to arrive at. For page followers, the number is up 14,000%. Meaningfull Meal’s Instagram account has also experienced growth after the CGI University event. The account’s follower count more than doubled in size after the start of the event, and average likes on photos have also experienced an increase. This number along with the other Facebook and Instagram tracking components have shown an immense amount of growth and they only continue to show growth.

On platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, we have been able to attract a larger audience, and subsequently share our mission to more people. This is important not only to the organization’s growth, but to the spread of awareness on food insecurity. Meaningfull Meals will continue to find ways to grow their follower base in order to keep the fight against food insecurity going.