Our Impact

Meaningfull Meals partners with restaurants that serve “inspiration meal”. When restaurant goers purchase an inspiration meal, the restaurant will donate $1 to Meaningfull Meals to fight food insecurity. The donations are gathered and redistributed to local non-profit organizations that are making a positive transparent impact to reduce food insecurity. Consumer are directed to the web page of their local community to see where their money, creating the transparency and understanding on how they are positively impacting their community through their simple choices


We provide an easy way for businesses to support people in need in their local community.  We provide the business with marketing materials (e.g. menu inserts, email templates, and handouts) to promote the program and market their company’s social values to attract like-minded customers.  We handle the business elements, so that they can focus on their time on their core business mission and know that their donations are being maximized


We generate a new funding stream to provide much needed resources to fight food insecurity.  We also provide a marketing platform to highlight the work that they are already doing and increase local community awareness


We give customers the choice to spend money in a way that aligns with their values. Our transparent donation system makes fighting food insecurity more personal by providing the details of where and how their contribution is making a difference in their neighborhood.  This transparency not only increases people’s awareness of the challenges in their local community, but also makes them feel like their donation matters