Help the Community, Help Your Business Be a Part of the Solution!


Empower Your Customers

MeaningFull Meals is on a mission to end food insecurity by partnering with those who know food best: restaurateurs like you. By joining forces with MeaningFull Meals you’ll also signal your stand to customers on an important societal issue.

The timing couldn’t be better. Consumers are fired up and making buying decisions like never before in support of brands that stand for something. And savvy brands understand that embracing cause marketing is sound strategy, not simply philanthropy.

Our approach at MeaningFull Meals? Empower yours guests to make small purchasing changes that lead to big impacts in their own community.

The MeaningFull Meals process is straightforward: you designate selected items on your menu as “MeaningFull Meals.” When guests purchase those items, a percentage of proceeds go to trusted Chicago organizations working to eradicate hunger. Through a MeaningFull Meals tracking code, your guests can chart where their money goes. They’ll see firsthand that small everyday purchases go a long way toward eliminating hunger in our city.

The Bottom Line

Partnering with MeaningFull Meals is smart business:

  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers surveyed said they would choose a brand (or pick a new one) based on its stand on societal issues. [Source]

  • When choosing between two brands of equal quality and price, 90 percent of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a cause branded product. [Source]

  • Consumers, particularly millennials, are increasingly looking to businesses as a force for positive social impact, and when brands engage in social issues, they are more likely to earn their trust and loyalty [Source]

  • In connecting with consumers on this very personal and social level, many companies in crowded markets are finding a unique way to differentiate themselves and establish a higher-end image. [Source]

Summing it up

Shifting customer demographics, a soaring belief-driven mindset among consumers and new digital tools are converging to create conditions that allow savvy restaurateurs to set themselves apart from the competition while doing the right thing. Join MeaningFull Meals in becoming a cause marketing beneficiary and leader! Please email us at